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Survival Box

This box contains those items which are generally required as soon as you arrive at your new home. It usually contains your kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, mugs, spoons etc. It can also contain medications, phone chargers, remote controls, keys, instructions of any kind & any items for your pets. It is handy to have, as when you arrive at your new home you can have a cuppa & relax!

Other Info

Adelaide House Packers charge a minimum of 4 hours service per lady, and can provide up to 8 hours service per lady per day. Many clients choose to purchase a fixed number of hours and then extend the booking if necessary. Our prices offer great value for money!

Please note that:

  • Moving boxes & packing materials are charged separately.
  • Major items such as furniture & white goods are the responsibility of your removalist.

We offer Public Liability Insurance & breakage insurance in the unlikely event of any problems. Any items that have been broken in transit are noted and discussed with the removalist.

You can also feel safe knowing that all our ladies have current police clearances.

Remember the process is quick & easy!
No job too small or too big! Relax & Enjoy the Move!